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Prof. Bo Jiang is largely interested in applying methods from computational sciences to address policy-relevant issues within criminology and criminal justice. His research interests include political violence and conflict; climate change; globalization; human trafficking; and evidence-based policing. His publications have appeared in top-tier journals such as Social Forces and Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Jiang’s research has been featured in leading media outlets including Business Insider, The Guardian and Thompson Reuters; as well as professional organizations like The American Meteorological Society and The American Geophysical Union, among others.

Jiang earned a PhD from the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland where he was trained at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START).  Prior to joining UM, he held faculty positions at the National University of Singapore, George Washington University, University of Maryland and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Jiang also served as a consultant for the Police Executive Programme of the University of Cambridge and he is a Honorary Senior Research Fellow, People’s Public Security University of China. He serves as Executive Board Directors of the Division of Terrorism and Biased Crime, American Society of Criminology; and The Association of Chinese Criminology and Criminal Justice in the United States.

姜波教授主要致力於應用計算科學方法來解決犯罪學和刑事司法中的政策相關問題。 他的研究興趣包括政治暴力和衝突、氣候變化、全球化、人口販運、和循證警務。 他的論文發表在《Social Forces》和《Journal of Quantitative Criminology》等頂級期刊上。 姜教授的研究成果曾被《商業內幕》、《衛報》和《路透社》等領先媒體報導; 以及美國氣象學會和美國地球物理聯盟等專業組織。

姜教授在馬里蘭大學犯罪學和刑事司法系獲得博士學位,期間受訓於國家恐怖主義和應對恐怖主義研究聯盟 (START) 。 在加入澳大之前,他曾任教於新加坡國立大學、喬治華盛頓大學、馬里蘭大學和香港中文大學,以及劍橋大學警察行政項目顧問。他擔任美國犯罪學協會恐怖主義和偏見犯罪部門的執行董事會董事; 以及美國華人犯罪學和刑事司法協會執行董事會董事。姜教授系中國人民公安大學反恐怖研究中心榮譽高級研究員,上海海事大學高級研究員,並擔任陝西省科學技術情報研究院 《情報雜誌》第十屆編委會委員。

  • Ph.D., Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland, 2019
  • M.S., Department of Criminology, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
  • B.Soc.Sci. (Hons) & M.Soc.Sci., Department of Economics, National University of Singapore, 2009 & 2011
  • Computational Social Science 計算社會科學
  • Violent Extremism 暴力極端主義
  • Transnational Crime 跨國犯罪
  • Climate Change 氣候變化
  • Globalization 全球化
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  • The Research Center for Counterterrorism, People’s Public Security University of China
    Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • College of Ocean Science and Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University
    Senior Research Fellow
  • Graduate School, University of Maryland
    Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award
  • American Society of Criminology, Division of International Criminology
    Student Paper Competition (Doctoral Program) First Place Winner
  • Internet Crime
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  • Globalization and Homicide
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  • 陝西省科學技術情報研究院 《情報雜誌》第十屆編委會委員
  • The Association of Chinese Criminology and Criminal Justice in the United States
    Executive Board Director
  • American Society of Criminology, Division of Terrorism and Biased Crime
    Executive Board Director
  • “Climate Change and Political Conflict: The Impact of Rising Sea Temperature on the Security of 109 Coastal Nations”, University of Maryland Grand Challenges Grants, Gary LaFree and Bo Jiang (2023-2026), $75,000
  • “Is There a Deadly Spiral in Social Media Popularity? Understanding the Growth Dynamics of Terrorist Organizations”, University of Macau Start-Up Research Grant, Bo Jiang (2022-2025), MOP 150,000
  • “Pandemic-Related Strain, Negative Emotions and Delinquency: Migrant Students vs. Out-of-School Migrant Youth”, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Direct Grant for Research, Bo Jiang, Nicole Waiting Cheung, Sara Hua Zhong, Kent Lee, (2020-2021), HKD 50,000
  • SOCY2010 Introduction to Criminology
  • SOCY2015 Policing
  • SOCY4002 Special Topics in Sociology – Big Data Analytics in Social Sciences
  • SOCY7711 Comparative Criminology
  • SOCY7721 Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice II – Big Data Analytics in Social Sciences