Denis De Castro Halis
Denis De Castro HalisPh.D. Student
  • vaLaw and Society: Comparative Legal Cultures, Conceptualization and Socio-legal Approaches about Dissent, Political Responsibilities of Companies
FU, Shan 傅山
FU, Shan 傅山Ph.D. Student

  • Social Control, Cultural Criminology

FU, Yichen 付一辰
FU, Yichen 付一辰Ph.D. Student
  • Qualitative Method, Marriage and Family, Gender
GUO, Haonan 郭浩楠
GUO, Haonan 郭浩楠Ph.D. Student

  • Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computational Social Science

HE, Donghong 何冬紅
HE, Donghong 何冬紅Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Sociology of Higher Education, Social Control
KANG, Mi 康密
KANG, Mi 康密Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003
  • Social Capital, Migrant Children and Left-behind Children in China, Drug Rehabilitation, Social Work
LAI, Shengsheng 賴晟盛
LAI, Shengsheng 賴晟盛Ph.D. Student

  • Drug and Violent Crime, Criminal Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency, Quantitative Interdisciplinary Research (Criminology, Medicine, and Psychology), Relationships between Martial Arts Skills and Violent Crimes among Adolescents

LAN, Qing 蘭青
LAN, Qing 蘭青Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Quantitative Methods, Data Mining, Ageing and the Family, Health Disparities
LIU, Hanwen 劉瀚文
LIU, Hanwen 劉瀚文Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Criminal justice, White-collar crime, Econoic crime
LIU, Jinjin 劉瑾瑾
LIU, Jinjin 劉瑾瑾Ph.D. Student

  • Gender and Family, Juvenile Delinquency, Sexual Assault, Social Class, Urban Sociology
LU, Jia Qi (Katie)
LU, Jia Qi (Katie)Ph.D. Student

  • Child and Adolescent Development, Criminal Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency, Substance Abuse, Victimization

PU, Yingzhu 蒲映竹
PU, Yingzhu 蒲映竹Ph.D. Student

  • Chinese Politic, Media, Urban Sociology

SHEN, Hui 申慧
SHEN, Hui 申慧Ph.D. Student

  • Social Stratification, Class and Education
SHI, Chen 史臣
SHI, Chen 史臣Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Surveillance, Sociology of Security

TANG, Yixuan 唐漪璇
TANG, Yixuan 唐漪璇Ph.D. Student

  • Aging, Population health, Gender, Casual inference

WONG, Pou Wa Chrissy 黃寶華
WONG, Pou Wa Chrissy 黃寶華Ph.D. Student

  • The Applied Sociology of Tourism, Criminal Psychology, Tourism and Crime

WU, Kehui 吳柯慧
WU, Kehui 吳柯慧Ph.D. Student
  • E21-1003


  • Parenting styles, Juvenile delinquency, Substance abuse, Gender inequality

XIE, Lu 謝露
XIE, Lu 謝露Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003


  • HIV prevention and intervention, Drug abuse and its intervention, Culture and Health issues of sexual minority, Gender equality
YANG, Haiyan 楊海燕
YANG, Haiyan 楊海燕Ph.D. Student
  • Prostitutes, Corruption, Gangs, Social governance
YANG, Mingmei 楊茗美
YANG, Mingmei 楊茗美Ph.D. Student

  • Policing, Juvenile Delinquency, Crime and Social Control in China

YOU, Yifan 由一凡
YOU, Yifan 由一凡Ph.D. Student

  • Data Mining, Policy Analysis, Quantitative Methods

YIN, Xinman 尹馨曼
YIN, Xinman 尹馨曼Ph.D. Student

  • Juvenile Delinquency, Policing

YU, Jinjin 于金金
YU, Jinjin 于金金Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Data Mining, Statistical analysis, Quantitative methods
ZHANG, Mengchan 張夢嬋
ZHANG, Mengchan 張夢嬋Ph.D. Student

  • Parenting Style and Juvenile Delinquency, Substance Abuse, Gender Equality, Crime and Social Control in China

ZHANG, Shiyang 張詩洋
ZHANG, Shiyang 張詩洋Ph.D. Student
  • Urban Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Crime Prevention, Parenting and Delinquency
ZHENG, Wenxin 鄭文欣
ZHENG, Wenxin 鄭文欣Ph.D. Student

  • Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Justice in Mainland China, Corrections, Policing