Denis De Castro Halis
Denis De Castro HalisPh.D. Student
  • vaLaw and Society: Comparative Legal Cultures, Conceptualization and Socio-legal Approaches about Dissent, Political Responsibilities of Companies
FU, Shan 傅山
FU, Shan 傅山Ph.D. Student

  • Social Control, Culture Criminology

FU, Yichen 付一辰
FU, Yichen 付一辰Ph.D. Student
  • Qualitative Method, Marriage and Family, Gender
HE, Donghong 何冬紅
HE, Donghong 何冬紅Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Sociology of Higher Education, Social Control
KANG, Mi 康密
KANG, Mi 康密Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003
  • Social Capital, Migrant Children and Left-behind Children in China, Drug Rehabilitation, Social Work
LAN, Qing 蘭青
LAN, Qing 蘭青Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Quantitative Methods, Data Mining, Ageing and the Family, Health Disparities
LIU, Hanwen 劉瀚文
LIU, Hanwen 劉瀚文Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Criminal justice, White-collar crime, Econoic crime
LIU, Jinjin 劉瑾瑾
LIU, Jinjin 劉瑾瑾Ph.D. Student

  • Gender and Family, Juvenile Delinquency, Sexual Assault, Social Class, Urban Sociology
PU, Yingzhu 蒲映竹
PU, Yingzhu 蒲映竹Ph.D. Student

  • Chinese Politic, Media, Urban Sociology

SHEN, Hui 申慧
SHEN, Hui 申慧Ph.D. Student

  • Social Stratification, Class and Education
SHI, Chen 史臣
SHI, Chen 史臣Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Surveillance, Visual Ethnography
TANG, Yixuan 唐漪璇
TANG, Yixuan 唐漪璇Ph.D. Student

  • Aging, Population health, Gender, Casual inference

WONG, Pou Wa Chrissy 黃寶華
WONG, Pou Wa Chrissy 黃寶華Ph.D. Student

  • The Applied Sociology of Tourism, Criminal Psychology, Tourism and Crime

WU, Kehui 吳柯慧
WU, Kehui 吳柯慧Ph.D. Student
  • E21-3023


  • Parenting styles, Juvenile delinquency, Substance abuse, Gender inequality

XIE, Lu 謝露
XIE, Lu 謝露Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-3023

  • HIV prevention and intervention, Drug abuse and its intervention, Culture and Health issues of sexual minority, Gender equality
YANG, Haiyan 楊海燕
YANG, Haiyan 楊海燕Ph.D. Student
  • Prostitutes, Corruption, Gangs, Social governance
YIN, Xinman 尹馨曼
YIN, Xinman 尹馨曼Ph.D. Student

  • Juvenile Delinquency, Policing

YU, Jinjin 于金金
YU, Jinjin 于金金Ph.D. Student
  • E21B-1003

  • Data Mining, Statistical analysis, Quantitative methods
ZHANG, Mengchan 張夢嬋
ZHANG, Mengchan 張夢嬋Ph.D. Student

  • Parenting Style and Juvenile Delinquency, Substance Abuse, Gender Equality, Crime and Social Control in China

ZHANG, Shiyang 張詩洋
ZHANG, Shiyang 張詩洋Ph.D. Student
  • Urban Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Crime Prevention, Parenting and Delinquency
ZHENG, Wenxin 鄭文欣
ZHENG, Wenxin 鄭文欣Ph.D. Student

  • Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Justice in Mainland China, Corrections, Policing