Recruitment of survey interviewer for Macao Social Survey 2022

“Macao Social Survey” is a project conducted by Department of Sociology, FSS at University of Macau in the purpose of collecting a series of representative data as social indicators in Macao. The project was initially conducted in 2016 with a sample of about 2,500 households. The interview covered a broad range of social issues important to the Macao society. The 2nd wave of the project in 2022 is a follow-up investigation of the households who conducted survey in 2016. We are currently looking for the interviewers for household interview. If you are interested in the position, please sign up through the link at the end of the email.

  1. Requirement
  • Students who speak fluent in Cantonese are preferred
  • Students who has an iPad are preferred
  • Students who will stay in Macau during the summer vacation are preferred
  • Students with patience and good communication skills.
    2. Project Duration: April – December, 2022
    3. Survey implementation: Students work in pairs with credential to assist the interviewees to complete the questionnaire.
    4. Remuneration Standard: Interviewer will be remunerated according to the number of successful questionnaire (MOP132.00 per questionnaire)
    5. Interested students could apply through the link below:
    6. Interview time: Applicants should bring a CV and ID to attend the interview on April 9th. Qualified candidates will be informed for professional training. The training schedule is to be determined.


項目名稱:澳門社會調查2022(Macao Social Survey 2022)


  1. 訪員需求:
  • 粵語流利者優先考慮;
  • 有平板電腦者優先考慮;
  • 暑期留澳者優先考慮;
  • 有耐心及較好的溝通能力。
  1. 項目時間:2022年4月至12月,訪員可根據自身時間安排隨時進行調查,時間靈活。
  2. 項目執行:兩人一組佩戴相關證件入戶訪談,協助受訪者完成問卷填寫。
  3. 薪酬標準:按照問卷成功份數給予報酬(約澳門元132.00/份)
  4. 報名方式:如您對本調查感興趣,請點擊下方連結進行報名。
  1. 面試時間:已報名人員需帶上簡歷,學生證及身份證於4月9日進行面試,時間及地點會在微信群組中通知。面試合格者將接受專業培訓,培訓時間待定。