PhD Student
  • Master in Public Administration, Sun-Yat-Sen University
  • Bachelor in Public Policy, Sun-Yat-Sen University
  • Sociology of Higher Education
  • Social Control
  • Overparenting in China
  1. Chen Tianxiang and He Donghong, 2015. “An Exploration on Representativeness of Bureaucracy in Administrative Law Enforcement: Based on the research of the Team of District L’s Urban Management in Guangzhou” . The tenth chapter of the book “Role, Dynamic and Action of State and Society in Grassroots Governance” (Guangzhou: Sun Yat-Sen University Press, 2015).
  2. He Donghong, 2012. “A Review of Representative Bureaucracy Theory”, Journal of the Graduates of Suan-Yat-Sen University, 33(4):99-109.