Assistant Professor

Donghui Wang’s research interests are positioned at the intersections of demography, culture, and stratification. Her research programs aim to understand (1) how demographic behaviors are influenced by cultural norms and practices, and (2) how short and long-term social changes affect individual well-being over time and across different social strata. Her work seeks to use a combination of spatial, longitudinal, and small-area estimation methods to contribute to both theoretical and policy debates in China and the U.S. Prior to joining the University of Macau, she held positions as an Assistant Professor and later as an Associate Professor of Demography at Renmin University of China. She also worked as a Postdoctoral  Research Associate at the Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China at Princeton University.

Her work has been published in Demographic Research, Journal of Contemporary China, Population, Space, and Place, Rural Sociology, Sociological Methodology, and other peer-reviewed outlets.

  • Ph.D., Demography and Rural Sociology, The Pennsylvania State University 2018
  •  M.S., Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,2013
  •  B.S., Economics, Lanzhou University, 2011
  • Substantive: Fertility, Aging, Family, International Development, Culture
  • Methods: Spatial Analysis, Survey Methodology
  • Donghui Wang, Yu Xie, and Junming Huang, 2024 “Trend Analysis with Pooled Data from Different Survey Series: The Latent Attitude Method”, Sociological Methodology, 54(1), 118-141
  • Jin, Yongai, Wenbo Hu, and Donghui Wang. “Fertility transition of Han and ethnic minorities in China: a tale of convergence and variation.” Chinese Journal of Sociology 9.4 (2023): 522-552.
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  • Donghui Wang, Annelise DeJong Hagedorn, and Diane McLaughlin, 2021 “Patterned Aspirations of Rural Youth: The Role of Family, School, and Community Contexts” Rural Sociology 86(2):177-203
  • Donghui Wang, Annelise DeJong Hagedorn, and Guangqing Chi, 2021 “Remittance and Livelihoods n the Kyrgyz Republic in the Post-Soviet Union Era: Evidence from the Life in Kyrgyzstan Survey, 2011–2013” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 47(13), 3015-3036.
  • Guangqing Chi and Donghui Wang, 2017 “Population Projection Accuracy: The Impacts of Sociodemographics, Accessibility, Land Use, and Neighbor Characteristics” Population, Space and Place 24(5)
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