Jianhua XU 徐建華

Jianhua XU 徐建華

Associate Professor



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Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Hong Kong, 2011-13

Ph.D., Department of Sociology, University of Hong Kong, 2010

Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Department of Criminology, the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, 2008-09


  • Crime and Migrant Workers in China
  • Sociology of Crime and Deviance
  • Urban Sociology 
  • Policing 
  • Victimology 
  • Social Problems in China

Jianhua Xu is an Associate Professor and department head in the Department of Sociology at the University of Macau. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Center for Macau Studies, University of Macau, an Honorary Fellow in the Center for Criminology at the University of Hong Kong. He worked as a police office in Mainland China from 2004 to 2006, was a Fulbright visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008-09, and was a visiting scholar at the Australian National University in 2017 & 2019.  He is currently serving as book review editor for Asian Journal of Criminology.

His research interests include sociology of crime and deviance, crime and victimization related to rural-to-urban migrant workers in China, policing, victimology, and urban sociology. He has published four (including three single-authored and one first-authored) articles in one of the top criminology journals The British Journal of Criminology. His publications have also appeared in other top criminology journals such as Theoretical Criminology and Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, among others. Since 2013, Jianhua has successfully applied for over five million MOP (USD 620,000.00) funding as a principal investigator and another over four million MOP (USD 500,000.00) as a co-investigator on various research projects. Jianhua is currently working on several projects including (1) China’s para-police chengguan, (2) police outsourcing, (3) the production of crime data, and (4) the problem of missing children in China.




“Commodification of policing and the production of underclass violence: the case of para-police chengguan and street vendors in Guangzhou, China”(MYRG2018-00109-FSS), Multi‐Year Research Grant (MYRG) Level 4, University of Macau, MOP2,100,000 (USD260,481)


 “Legitimization Imperative: the production of crime statistics in Guangzhou, China”(MYRG2017-00115-FSS), Multi‐Year Research Grant (MYRG) Level 2, University of Macau, MOP 756,900


“Commodification of policing and public disorder in China: A study of crime posters in Guangzhou” (MYRG2015-00163-FSS), Multi‐Year Research Grant (MYRG) Level 4, University of Macau, MOP 1.37 million


"Micro-foundation of migrant violence towards police in Guangzhou: A situational social exclusion perspective" ( MYRG2015-00039-FSS), Multi-Year Research Grant (MYRG) Level 3, University of Macau, MOP 1.00 million


"A Multi-Level Analysis of Victimization among Chinese Migrant Workers: Testing Routine Activities, Social Exclusion, and Social Disorganization Theories" (GRF14414014), HK$364,000 (01/2015-12/2016). (PI Zhong, Hua from Chinese University of Hong Kong)


"Monitoring Recent Changes of Cross-border Drug Use and their Implications for Prevention/Control Strategies". Beat Drugs Fund, Narcotics Division of Hong Kong Security Bureau, Co-Investigator (PI Zhong, Hua and Co-I Kent Lee from Chinese University of Hong Kong)


"Policing migrant workers in China: a case study of Guangzhou", University of Macau, Start-up Research Grant, Principal Investigator


"Punishment and Violence in the People's Republic of China: Voices from the Field on Crime Management, Social Exclusion and Brutalization", Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (Co-Director with Professor Borge Bakken)


"Social Exclusion and Production of Violence: A Case Study of Illegal Taxi-drivers in the Pearl River Delta", Small Project Funding, The University of Hong Kong, Principal Investigator


"Crime and Victimization among Migrants in China", Fulbright Hong Kong Scholar Programme (FHKDRP_HKU001/08), Principal Investigator


"The Profile of Offenders and Victims of Serious Crimes", Guangdong Police College Research Foundation, Principal Investigator



Journal Articles:

 ● Xu, Jianhua, Anli Jiang. 2019. "Police Civilianization and the Production of Underclass Violence: The Case of Para-police Chengguan and Street Vendors in Guangzhou, China." The British Journal of Criminology 59(1):64-84.

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Book Chapters:

 ● Xu, Jianhua. 2018. "Social Exclusion and Criminal Victimization: Migrant Workers'  Risk of Driving Motorcycle Taxis in Urban China." Pp. 73-95 in Crime and the Chinese Dream, edited by B. Bakken. Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong Press.

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Book reviews:

 ● Xu, Jianhua. 2018. "Review of Peng Wang, the Chinese Mafia: Organized Crime, Corruption, and Extra-Legal Protection." The China Journal 79:175-77.

 ● Xu, Jianhua. 2016. "Review of Sonny Shiu-Hing Lo, The Politics of Controlling Organized Crime in Greater China"The China Journal, 77: 193-195 

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 ● Xu, Jianhua. 2012. "Review of Susan Trevaskes, Policing Serious Crime in China: from 'Strike Hard' to 'Kill Fewer'"Asian Journal of Criminology, 7(3):273-275.

Other publications:

 ● Xu, Jianhua. 2013. "Motorcycle taxi drivers and social exclusion in urban China", in China Youth Daily. 中国青年报 2013年08月01日02版

 ● Xu, Jianhua. 2011. "Motorcycle taxis: 'crime prevention' and the social exclusion of migrant workers in China", in Crimetalk.



Deputy General Sectary, Chinese Society of Sociological Criminology


,External Member, Pearl River Delta Social Research Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Honorary Fellow, Center for Criminology, the University of Hong Kong 


Li Ka Shing Prize (2009-10) (Best PhD Thesis Award), the University of Hong Kong


Best PhD Thesis Award, Hong Kong Sociological Association


Honorable Mention Prize, for Doctoral Level Paper Competition in the Division of International Criminology, American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting


Fulbright Hong Kong Scholarship (2008-2009)


  • Criminology

  • Chinese Society

  • Social Stratification and Inequality

  • Social Change and Crime

  • Policing

  • Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences (PhD)

  • Qualitative Research Methods in Criminology (Master)