Haiyan LIU 劉海燕

Haiyan LIU 劉海燕

Assistant Professor



OFFICE HOURSMondays and Tuesdays, 5:15pm – 6:15pm
or by appointment
TELEPHONE(+853) 8822 8839


Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, Indiana University-Bloomginton, USA, 2012.

LL.B. in Law, Nanjing University, China, 2002


  • Intellectual property infringements, law, and enforcement
  • White-collar crime
  • Corporate social responsibilities
  • Law and society
  • Rule of law and legal development in China
  • International and comparative criminology
  • Theories of crime and deviance
  • Juvenile delinquency

Haiyan Liu received her PhD from Indiana University-Bloomington, specializing in criminology and law and society. Before joining the University of Macau, she worked as an Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice at the University of Central Missouri. She is currently voted and serving as the Vice President of the Macao Sociological Association. Her research interests include white-collar crime, law and society, legal development in China, criminological theories, juvenile delinquency, and comparative studies of intellectual property (IP) infringements, law, and enforcement in developed and developing countries. 

Dr. Liu’s most important publications are five articles on IP law and enforcement in China and the United States in referred top journals of related fields. Three of these articles appear in SSCI and/or Scopus enlisted journals. Her research is the first to systematically describe and empirically analyze multiple aspects of the criminal enforcement of IPR in China as compared to the United States.

The recent sudden breakout of the Sino-U.S. trade war shocks the whole world. The trigger of this trade war, however, is actually the issue of IP infringement and control, not trade surplus or deficits, according to the White House’s recent report entitled “How China’s Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the United States and the World.” The control of IP infringements in China has already become one of the highest-profile topics in U.S.-China relations and world politics. Dr. Liu’s empirical studies on IPR protection involve both expertise in highly specialized areas and broad knowledge structure in multiple fields and disciplines. She brings to this research dedicated study of IP law, economic law, and the Chinese legal system; her bilingual strength in Chinese and English; and sensitivity to cultural variations. She has solid methodological training for legal analyses of both Chinese and American law; and for empirical analyses in the fields of law and society, and criminology.



Liu, Haiyan.  (upcoming in 2020). The Policy and Targets of Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China and the United States. In Peter Yu (Ed.), Intellectual Property Law and Policy in China. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Liu, Haiyan. (2018). “In the shadows of criminalisation: Intellectual property criminal law, enforcement institutions and practices in China and the United States.” Information & Communications Technology Law (an independently peer-reviewed law review published by UK law schools through Taylor & Francis, a Web of Science and Scopus listed journal), 27 (2), 185-220.

Liu, Haiyan. (2016).  “Justifications, Foci, and Impact Factors of Anti-Piracy Enforcement in China.” Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA (a peer-reviewed top IP law journal published by the Copyright Society of the USA, a SSCI journal), 63(2), 269-329.

Liu, Haiyan. (2015). “Consequences of legal transplantation: The unique justifications and roles of enforcement of intellectual property rights in China.”  Journal of Law, Technology and Public Policy (a peer-reviewed law and technology journal published by the Law School of City University of Hong Kong), 1(3).

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Liu, Haiyan. (2010). The Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China: Recent Developments and Implications. Asian Journal of Criminology5(2), 137-56. 

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Liu, Haiyan. (2008). (Book Review) Intellectual Property Theft and Fraud: Combating Piracy. Jay S. Albanese (Ed.). New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2007. International Criminal Justice Review, 18(2), 223-50.


01/2015Multi-year Research Grant, University of Macau
09/2013Start-up Research Grant, University of Macau
01/2011  Paper Award to participate in the Initiative on China and Global Governance at the Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business, IUB, declined
Spring 2010 Starr Fellowship from Starr Foundation
05/2008 Law and Society Association 2008 Advanced Graduate Student Workshop Award